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Modern Technical Solutions That Are Used By Startups

Each passing year it seems like technological advances develop faster than they did the year before and 2015 is no exception. While we have seen some recent technology trends gain momentum over the last few years, this year it looks like some of them may make significant advancements in use on a broader scale.
 Modern Technical Solutions That Are Used By Startups Digital LadyAdvancements in technology mean cost savings, efficiency and the development of new products, which offer consumers new and exciting benefits. In addition, modern technical solutions that are used by startups and introduced into the marketplace, open new doors of opportunity for web developers and entrepreneurs. It provides a chance to develop apps that enhance and improve a product or service.

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IT Humor: What programmers actually do

What my grandma thinks I do…
What my wife thinks I do…
What my boss thinks I do…
What I think I do…
What my clients think I do…
What I actually do…
Find out the truth about programmers in this video!

5 things how to make code review easier

Code review has the next main purposes:

  • Improve code quality
  • Share knowledge, improve skills
  • Find some bugs beforehand

To achieve these goals with high efficiency in short time, I follow the next simple principles. For some readers they can appear obvious, but I hope that it still can be helpful for the others.

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What challenges do software development companies face while working with foreign customers?

The experience of companies from Russia and CIS countries

Not so long ago, we started wondering: what difficulties do software development companies who work with foreign customers face, and how do they deal with them?

To get answers to these questions, we decided to conduct our own research on the experience of IT companies from Russia and CIS countries in the world market. So, we invited 20 companies to participate in our survey.

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