Archive - July 2015

eCommerce development on PHP framework: our experience of building CrISStal Eye website

PHP has gained high popularity as a web development tool these days. In particular, PHP frameworks have been receiving a lot of attention. Using a PHP framework provides certain benefits to a website owner. To name a few:

  • PHP frameworks are easy for beginners – they come with certain libraries and helpers, so you won’t have to find 3rd party resources additionally;
  • Faster development and faster fixes;
  • Lower development and maintenance cost;
  • Compatibility with other web applications, operating systems and programming languages;
  • PHP frameworks enable high level of customization.

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Challenges of developing your own software product: ISS Art team experience

As some you might know already, the primary activity of our company is custom software development. We work in international market primarily, and during our professional life we’ve faced a need to monitor our team’s performance as well as to provide transparent reporting to our customers (you can read more about these challenges here). Although there are a lot of ready time tracking solutions aimed to help to deal with these issues, we have decided to build our own system – the one that would meet our company’s need to the fullest. We’ve named it CrISStal Eye.
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Custom SaaS accounting application development

The world of custom application development has evolved so much over the years, and with the ever-changing technology, custom applications are becoming more spectacular as time goes on. One of the most recent popular types of application development includes Software as a Service (SaaS), especially when partnered with various accounting applications.

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