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Microservices: dreams and reality

The Microservices Architecture becomes more and more popular. The successful experience of our large-scale and well-known projects inspires us to try this approach in our enterprise applications. Deciding to implement the project in this style, we forget that systems like Ebay, Facebook, Amazon, etc have a long history, these projects are not initially implemented in the architecture, but gradually came to it.
When you don’t have the whole scope of the requirements or use cases for your system it is hardly possible to avoid errors in the design.Read More

Managing the software development budget

Truthful statistics of cost overruns

There is no secret that the cost overruns go closely with each software development project in the world. The average overrun amounts 40 – 50%. And 70 – 80 % of projects in the industry finish with overrun against the initial estimation.

The IT market is not only that is full of overruns. Big complex projects such as military and construction ones often get their budget over.

F-22 Raptor with the project cost overrun

F-22 Raptor with the project over budget

F-22 Raptor aircraft got over budget (initial $115M against effective $411M per a unit)Read More