Augmented reality

Augmented reality (or AR) means that computer-generated content (like images, video, sounds) is superimposed into real environment. Augmented reality is actively applied in medicine, constructon, education, entertainment, and other industries.

 Computer vision

By means of Computer vision technology, it has become possible for machines to process visual information from images and videos – just like human vision can do. Computer vision helps solve a variety of tasks – say, digitizing the documents, defining the sizes and shapes, controlling product quality, controlling the movement, etc.

 Web development

Web development is a very broad topic. Web projects can range from simple corporate sites to complex web based applications and social network solutions. We have great experience in building various web projects, and we are willing to share our knowledge with you.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things assumes that various devices, vehicles, machines are connected to the Internet, and they can be further linked to one another. The interconnection of these objects provides great possibilities for automation of business processes in a variety of industries — manufacturing, construction, finance, healthcare, education, media.

 Machine Learning

Machine learning (ML) is a subfield of artificial intelligence. ML algorithms assume training a computer to generate the desired output. With ML being applied, huge data sets can be analyzed promptly and useful insights can be gained further with minimal human involvement.

 Project Management

Project management assumes coordinating the work of the team to ensure project tasks completion and goals achievement within the given constraints – in particular, time and budget. Being responsible for leading the whole project, Project Manager is actually a single point of contact for a Customer.

Useful materials

It’s important to share one’s experience with other people. We created this section to share our experience and give useful tips. Visit it and find your useful material to download.


Testing is an essential part of software development process aimed to catch bugs and make sure that the final product is working as designed. This section contains tips and tricks which can be employed to make software testing process more efficient.


Needless to say, mobile devices have changed the way businesses work. Since everyone is on the move today, going mobile is important for any business. Here you will find the articles covering the questions a business owner might have: “What kind of app to build – native or hybrid?”, “How to make an app run on different platforms?”, and many other issues.