Katalon as the first step towards automated tests

Katalon Recorder is an extension for Google Chrome and Firefox browsers that allows you to record test scripts as code in a specific language with the application of specific frameworks.

This tool is convenient when you need to quickly make an automated test. Also, tests recorded with Katalon clearly show which methods are responsible for a specific step, which is very useful not only  for beginner QA Automation engineers.

Even for experienced testers, this tool will come in handy as creating templates for autotests. In this tutorial, we will show you how to install this tool and to write a simple test.

In this article, we will demonstrate the installation of Katalon recorder for the Google Chrome browser.

  • Setup

Go to Chrome web store, find Katalon Recorder extension and click “Add to Chrome” button

After that, after a while, the Katalon icon will appear in the browser.

If you click on it, the Katalon Recorder window of the extension will be displayed.

  • Overview of the features

In the upper part of the window there are buttons with the main functions of the plugin.

“New” – Creating a new test case

“Rec.” – Recording a test case 

“Play” – Reproduction of the recorded test case 

“Play Suite” – Reproduction of a test suite 

“Play All” – Reproduction of all cases 

“Pause” – Make pause while reproducing 

“Report” – Reporting problems to the developers of this plugin

“Export” – Export of created test cases in different programming languages, using different frameworks

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