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How we got into Global Outsourcing 100® 2015 listing

The beginning of this year was marked by a great achievement for our company. We have entered the annual listing of the best outsourcing companies in the world “The 2015 Global Outsourcing 100” by IAOP for the first time.

The Global Outsourcing 100 represents the annual listing of the world’s best outsourcing service providers. The complete details on the 2015 Process and Methodology of scoring can be found here. This is a real success, and we are proud that our continuous efforts to improve the quality of our services have been recognized on a global level.

Sounds impossible? We did think so. But you’ll never know unless you try.
In this article we’ll tell which materials we have prepared and provided together with our application to GO 100 program.

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Propagating Cloud Based Application Development

The attributes of a cloud based application hint on many of the advantages of cloud based application development. The cloud environment saves money through the minimization of information technology infrastructure operating expense, optimization of server use, shortening of the development cycle and providing the resources for scalability without large capital investments.

Cloud computing has greatly affected information technology over the last decade. According to Readwrite references applications are being “reengineered to take advantage of cloud’s instant access, no download and pay-as-you-go attributes.”

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A great feature of PHP

I know many Java and .NET developers who often like to make fun of PHP. Honestly, a couple of years ago I was one of them. I used the next arguments to set Java and .NET above PHP (this is my personal opinion):

  • It is not a good idea to use dynamic typization in a server-side language, because server is all about performance and security – static typization supports these two attributes a lot. Also, static typization makes code refactoring much easier.
  • Java and .NET have much better-thought standard libraries. In PHP, you have many different ways to do the same operation – it increases code fragmentation, especially if you work in a large team of PHP developers.
  • Java and .NET have more graceful syntax. $ sign in variable names, -> instead of ., <?php ?> tags make PHP code quite bulky.

Nevertheless, PHP has one great feature that makes it very useful for me. From its very beginning, PHP was designed as HTML code preprocessor. Its syntax serves this purpose perfectly. Ultimately, if you write pure HTML code in your PHP file, PHP interpreter will give you this HTML in output. Only PHP insertions between tags like <?php ?> and <?= ?> will be interpreted as PHP code. It lets you do anything with your HTML output and it is usually more convenient compared to various HTML template engines, because template is just a template – it doesn’t let you write code. Also PHP doesn’t care about what exactly you write into output: HTML, operation progress, or message log. I found it convenient for me to build JSON files with PHP.
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Modern Technical Solutions That Are Used By Startups

Each passing year it seems like technological advances develop faster than they did the year before and 2015 is no exception. While we have seen some recent technology trends gain momentum over the last few years, this year it looks like some of them may make significant advancements in use on a broader scale.
 Modern Technical Solutions That Are Used By Startups Digital LadyAdvancements in technology mean cost savings, efficiency and the development of new products, which offer consumers new and exciting benefits. In addition, modern technical solutions that are used by startups and introduced into the marketplace, open new doors of opportunity for web developers and entrepreneurs. It provides a chance to develop apps that enhance and improve a product or service.

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IT Humor: What programmers actually do

What my grandma thinks I do…
What my wife thinks I do…
What my boss thinks I do…
What I think I do…
What my clients think I do…
What I actually do…
Find out the truth about programmers in this video!

5 things how to make code review easier

Code review has the next main purposes:

  • Improve code quality
  • Share knowledge, improve skills
  • Find some bugs beforehand

To achieve these goals with high efficiency in short time, I follow the next simple principles. For some readers they can appear obvious, but I hope that it still can be helpful for the others.

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What challenges do software development companies face while working with foreign customers?

The experience of companies from Russia and CIS countries

Not so long ago, we started wondering: what difficulties do software development companies who work with foreign customers face, and how do they deal with them?

To get answers to these questions, we decided to conduct our own research on the experience of IT companies from Russia and CIS countries in the world market. So, we invited 20 companies to participate in our survey.

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What you should know about software development process

In our previous post we’ve covered the topic of choosing the right outsourcing provider. Now, with that knowledge in mind, we can dive deeper into software development process itself.

As an experienced provider featured among Eastern Europe Software Development Companies, we are happy to provide you with a brief overview of software development methodologies and cover the common software development process stages together with the challenges each of them can bring to you.Read More

Outsourcing Software Development: Choosing the Right Provider

As we discussed in one of our previous articles about software development, there are times when outsourcing a particular project makes the most sense. After doing your initial project research, you may realize you do not possess the necessary skills for using available tools to achieve the result needed, the time demands are too great or perhaps it is much more cost efficient to use an outside provider to complete the development project.

Say, you cannot handle Facebook integration on your own. In this case you may want to hire Facebook API developers.

Whatever your reason or reasons are for outsourcing, it is still important to properly manage the project, select the right provider for the job and ensure all of the key elements are addressed. The right provider can make your life much easier and a poor provider can make life extremely difficult, so be sure to cover all the details upfront.

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Intellectual Property Issues in Software Development

Many people underestimate one of the most important aspects in software development process – Intellectual Property (IP) issues. Failure to pay the necessary attention to these issues may result in serious consequences, such as lawsuits and huge sums for compensation.Read More