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IT Humor: What programmers actually do

What my grandma thinks I do…
What my wife thinks I do…
What my boss thinks I do…
What I think I do…
What my clients think I do…
What I actually do…
Find out the truth about programmers in this video!

5 things how to make code review easier

Code review has the next main purposes:

  • Improve code quality
  • Share knowledge, improve skills
  • Find some bugs beforehand

To achieve these goals with high efficiency in short time, I follow the next simple principles. For some readers they can appear obvious, but I hope that it still can be helpful for the others.

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What challenges do software development companies face while working with foreign customers?

The experience of companies from Russia and CIS countries

Not so long ago, we started wondering: what difficulties do software development companies who work with foreign customers face, and how do they deal with them?

To get answers to these questions, we decided to conduct our own research on the experience of IT companies from Russia and CIS countries in the world market. So, we invited 20 companies to participate in our survey.

Now we are happy to share the insights we gained from this research with you.Read More

What you should know about software development process

In our previous post we’ve covered the topic of choosing the right outsourcing provider. Now, with that knowledge in mind, we can dive deeper into software development process itself.

As an experienced provider featured among Eastern Europe Software Development Companies, we are happy to provide you with a brief overview of software development methodologies and cover the common software development process stages together with the challenges each of them can bring to you.Read More

Outsourcing Software Development: Choosing the Right Provider

As we discussed in one of our previous articles about software development, there are times when outsourcing a particular project makes the most sense. After doing your initial project research, you may realize you do not possess the necessary skills for using available tools to achieve the result needed, the time demands are too great or perhaps it is much more cost efficient to use an outside provider to complete the development project.

Say, you cannot handle Facebook integration on your own. In this case you may want to hire Facebook API developers.

Whatever your reason or reasons are for outsourcing, it is still important to properly manage the project, select the right provider for the job and ensure all of the key elements are addressed. The right provider can make your life much easier and a poor provider can make life extremely difficult, so be sure to cover all the details upfront.

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Intellectual Property Issues in Software Development

Many people underestimate one of the most important aspects in software development process – Intellectual Property (IP) issues. Failure to pay the necessary attention to these issues may result in serious consequences, such as lawsuits and huge sums for compensation.Read More

IT Humor: How programmers impove their productivity

Wanna increase your programming productivity? See how we do it at ISS Art :)


ISS Art technology stack in 2015

New technologies appear every day, and we try to stay in step with this tendency. But we don’t jump blindly to every new fashion, because this way we can spend a lot of effort for nothing. For commercial development, it is always better to wait a little bit and make sure that the transition to a new technology will really pay off.

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Reskinning and Tweaking Code-Application Development, Part 2

You can find the first part of the article here.

Application Development Tools-From Desktop to Mobile

Many of the tools and programming languages used for developing web applications and desktop applications can be used for mobile platforms as well.

Because mobile platforms use some of the more popular programming languages today, chances are you already have some experience with them. For example, you may already be well versed with HTML 5 and Java, so getting an Android Application up and working will be no problem for you, even if you need to start the coding from scratch.Read More

Application Development from Scratch, Part 1

Application development has been in the spotlight for several years now, with developers creating amazing desktop, web and mobile applications at a rapid pace. There are advantages and disadvantages to each category of application, but it is clear mobile applications and web-based apps have begun to take center stage, as users prefer options that can be accessed from anywhere.Read More