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How to teach Raspberry to detect movement


Everyone has surely watched a movie about the future at least one time in their life. As for me, I have watched plenty of them and there are a lot of really good ones. But how good and funny it was to watch a movie about the adventures of Marty McFly and how disappointing it was when 21 October 2015 came true. We are the generation who have the opportunity to welcome the future that we saw in the childhood movies. Usually it’s not nearly as good as we imagined, but it’s only our fault. Today we have all the necessary tools to make those dreams real.

The tool we needed is called: Internet of Things (IoT). The main idea of this technology is to connect different devices together to allow them to communicate with each other and control or be controlled by other devices. Using this technology, we can start from some basic things and connect our home devices one by one into one ecosystem. And at the end we will have a system similar to the ones we saw in the movies, when we have an AI assistant who understands voice commands and can control home devices and functions. And since we still have some time before 2029, let’s start the Skynet implementation.
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Internet of Things: the endless possibilities for any sphere

Surely you’ve heard about the Internet of things more than once. Perhaps you even came across the Internet of things in work or everyday life – say, when getting the latest updates from your smart watch.

But what exactly is the Internet of Things, which is so popular today? Simply put, this means that machines, devices, vehicles, and other objects get access to Internet and/or locally deployed platforms that allow managing all these objects (think of a smart home platform), and can be further connected with one another.

However, not everyone knows how IoT actually appeared. Read further to learn how it developed, and to get familiar with outstanding examples of IoT applications.
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